Foto/ Buzëqeshja që thotë: Dua t’iu ha

July 29, 2016 13:33

Foto/ Buzëqeshja që thotë: Dua t’iu ha


Biologu Chris Perkins ka realizuar disa foto të shkëlqyera të jetës në det, që janë në të njëjtën kohë edhe shumë të frikshme.

Ai arriti të fotografonte nga afër peshkaqenë, ku mund të shihet dhëmbët dhe stomaku i kësaj bishe.

Seti fotografik është realizuar në Afrikën e Jugut.

The perfectly composed image appears to show the great white shark smiling as it hungrily sizes up its prey

Magnificent: The marine biologist has been in South Africa since late 2012, and has captured a series of incredible images of great white sharks

Simply terrifying: Marine biologist Chris Perkins photographed the great white shark in South Africa, where it appears intent on devouring everything in its path

Blue-eyed killer: Perkins has noted one intriguing characteristic of white sharks - their eye colour, which most people expect to be black 
With their sharp teeth and ferocity, great whites have gained notoriety from Stephen Spielberg's 1974 film Jaws

The stunning series of photographs took Perkins face-to-face with great white sharks, which are among the most dangerous of hunters in the ocean

A terrifying great white shark captured in the waters of Gansbaai in South Africa

Researcher and photographer Chris Perkins has been studying sharks in South Africa since 2012

Great white sharks can move up to 35mph in small bursts, making them a formidable underwater predator

Sharks tend to search in low light, meaning their eyes are particularly sensitive as they seek out their prey

The tiger shark stares into the lens of photographer Fiona Ayrst, who is one of the most renowned and experienced underwater photographers in the world

Tiger sharks are known as the hoovers of the sea, and is pictured coming toward Fiona in a dive in South Africa

Tiger sharks - which the photographer says look like 'massive marshmallows' are nocturnal, solitary hunters which consume a broad range of food

'Never try to play dead if a tiger shark approaches you,' said Ayerst, describing how to stay safe while photographing underwater predators


July 29, 2016 13:33

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