Foto/ Mësuesi që do dëshironte çdo nxënës

August 18, 2016 12:20

Foto/ Mësuesi që do dëshironte çdo nxënës

Kur e kthen kohën pas dhe kujton kohën e shkollës, e kupton mirë se të gjithë e kemi pasur të paktën një mësues ose profesor që kishte një vend të veçantë në zemrat tona.

Megjithatë është e rrallë që të gjesh profesorë që e ‘teprojnë’ në përpjekjen e tyre për të mbajtur nxënësit të angazhuar në mësim dhe për t’i argëtuar ata.

Daily Mail sjell një koleksion të profesorëve të ‘çmendur’.

This history teacher  turned up for the first day of school dressed as a medieval knight

This no-nonsense professor protested his classes being scheduled as 7am by turning up to lead the class wearing pyjamas every day No word on whether his campaign worked

Why walk from class to class when you can save time by whizzing along on a skateboard?

This teacher gave his class dressed as Luke Skywalker, using his blue lightsaber as a pointer

The student who uploaded this wrote, 'my very first science homework... I can already tell my teacher is going to be awesome'

This user wrote, 'so today in class a wasp flew into our room and was sitting on the ceiling and instead of just killing it with a ruler or book or something, my teacher SET IT ON FIRE'

One student who had their phone confiscated and got it back with a new background explained, 'phone got taken away by a teacher - it came back like this'

One teacher fed up with having their pencils borrowed and never returned invested in some  new ones bearing the slogan: 'I love Justin Bieber' - a genius deterrent 
This delightfully festive teacher is evidently blessed in both regards - science and creativity

For April Fool's Day, this class all turned their desks onto their sides and lay on the floor

The teacher responded by continuing to write equations on the blackboard as usual, but instead wrote them at a 90 degree slant so the students could read from the floor

A cruel but highly amusing joke to play on this teacher's poor unsuspecting exam students

A cruel but highly amusing joke to play on this teacher’s poor unsuspecting exam students

This veteran made sure to wear the  same knitted vest in every yearbook photo for 40 years in a row

More yearbook fun - this time using props and camera trickery to create entertaining scenes

Another history teacher dressed up in an old military suit and struck a brooding pose

Introducing memes into complicated science subjects in one way to break the monotony 

This teacher likes to delight students with stunning chalk illustrations before every class

This one wore a skin-tight leotard which displayed almost to-scale images of organs in a bid to make human anatomy easier to understand

Examples of teachers displaying a next-level ingenuity in problem solving include a gym instructor who shot down balls stuck in the roof rafters with a bow and arrow

This principal came up with a novel concept as a fundraiser - one dollar for a piece of tape

This teacher turned up to class with a kitten hugged to her chest - one from a litter she had found abandoned near the school

The student who uploaded this image captioned it simply, 'my maths teacher is awesome'

It was apparently not until the end of the class that students noticed the label on his bottle 'STUDENTS' TEARS'

Another example of some fairly impressive whiteboard drawing to liven up a science lesson

This uploader wrote, 'So this kid in my history class fell asleep, my teacher stopped class, got down on the floor and tied his shoes together'

Another teacher simply crouched next to his sleeping student and posed for a photo with his thumbs up, the other boys laughing hysterically in the background

This image was captioned, 'went to go get help from a teacher and this is what I found'

When Pluto was demoted from the solar system as not being a proper planet in 2006, the teacher left this tribute

Whoever Cal Telfer the English teacher is, he certainly has a vivid imagination and an admirable sense of humour


August 18, 2016 12:20

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