Gatuajnë, pastrojnë dhe bëjnë fëmijë

August 6, 2016 14:48

Gatuajnë, pastrojnë dhe bëjnë fëmijë

Gatuajnë, pastrojnë dhe bëjnë fëmijë. Kjo është detyra e vetme grave në një kamp ultrakonservativ të krishteresh në Zelandën e Re, që përfshin në gjirin e saj jo më shumë se 500 persona.

Një dokumentar televiziv ka zbuluar se ato jetojnë të izoluara dhe kontrollohen në mënyrë të rreptë.

Gjithashtu atyre u ndalohet edhe kontaktet me botën e jashtme.

Couple Dove Love (left) and Watchful Steadfast (right) are featured in the documentary, which examines the role of women in Gloriavale, a strict Christian community in New Zealand which is cut off from the rest of the world 

Watchful Steadfast,17, (right) is seen proposing to Dove Love, 22, (left) with a bunch of flowers. Marriages are arranged by community leaders and women are expected to accept the offer

The couple is married and they exchange vows - where the woman promises to submit to the man and the man vows to be a leader

Afterwards, they embrace before being carried to a consummation room where they are expected to lose their virginities
Gloriavale members (pictured) have little contact with the outside world, restricted access to media and the internet, they are only allowed to eat and wear certain things and if people decide to leave they are ex-communicated

The documentary also looks at another woman, Angel Benjamin, who is pregnant with her sixth child and believes women were put on earth to bear children

Director Amanda Evans told the NZ Herald she feels inner turmoil every time she visits the community

Members of the community are reportedly happy about having no contact with the outside world, and are said to be disgusted and disdained about how society lives

The community's Leader Neville Cooper set up Springbank Christian Community in 1965 but after the group increased in size, he bought a new property in 1991 and renamed the community Gloriavale

The controversy surrounding the community isn't new, after Mr Cooper, who changed his name to Hopeful Christian, was jailed on sexual abuse charges in 1995

August 6, 2016 14:48

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  1. akademiku August 6, 18:47

    Ke edhe ne Amerike, sa te duash, si puna e ketyre

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  2. Ben August 6, 18:49


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  3. Kevin August 6, 18:53

    Ku qendron problemi i shof Duke qeshur ?!!!
    Bejn ate qe femrat kan ber me 100-ndra vjet.

    Si doni ju qe te behen te gjitha shterpa dhe te ndjekin karrieren ??

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  4. nje myslimani August 7, 12:57

    Kja lloj jeteset asht per mu marr shemmbull, respekte.

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