Mësoni pse kjo është “gropa” më e shtrenjtë në botë

March 4, 2018 17:48

Mësoni pse kjo është “gropa” më e shtrenjtë në botë

Ajo është 525 metra e thellë dhe ka një diametër prej 1200 metrash.

Ka kushtuar mbi 13 miliardë stërlina, duke qenë kështu “gropa” më e shtrenjtë në planet.

Në fakt bëhet fjalë për një minierë të njohur diamantesh: miniera Mir në Siberi.

Ajo e bën qytetin Mirny të duket sikur është goditur nga një meteor.

Edhe pse nuk punon më prej vitit 2004, aty ka ende tunele nëntokësore që prodhojnë më shumë se 2 000 kg diamante në vit.

Miniera është në pronësi të kompanisë ruse Alrosa, e cila prodhon një të katërtën e të gjithë diamanteve në botë.

 With an expected value of £13billion, Mir mine in eastern Siberia could be the most expensive hole in the world

Dubbed 'Diamond City' it is so huge it creates a vortex potentially strong enough to suck helicopters into its depths

At 1,722-feet-deep and with a diameter of nearly one mile, the crater makes it look like the nearby town of Mirny has been struck by a meteorite

Its riches were so vast it helped transform the USSR from a war torn and impoverished nation into a post-WW2 global superpower

Although the open cast mine ceased operation in 2004, it was replaced with a series of underground tunnels which produced more than six million carats of rough diamonds in 2014

The area in Siberia where the mine is based is home to some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. Winter can last up to seven months and temperatures can often drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius

Mir mine's £13billion worth is based on adding the total value of the diamonds it has already produced to the remaining reserves

The air space above the pit, located 5,000 miles east of Moscow, is closed after alleged incidents of helicopters being sucked downwards. Thankfully, so far no crashes have been reported

Mir mine is owned by Russian company Alrosa, which produces about a quarter of the world's diamond output

A worker mends a mining machine. The rapid development of the first diamond pit in the Soviet Union worried the South African De Beers company, who until that point had been distributing most of the world's diamonds


March 4, 2018 17:48

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